Maybe You Do Not Know 1430 In Military Time

Keep reading for more fascinating details about the military time converter. You learned about 2200 hours and 16 16 in military time in earlier blogs. We will respond to the query, “What is 14:30 military time?”. Today, also offers a wealth of more intriguing details on how to tell military time. To make it simpler for you to track, we will show you a conversion chart printable in this post. Learn more about this article from titled “Maybe You Do Not Know 1430 In Military Time.”

What 1430 Is in Military Time?

We will go through the fundamentals of military time first. Four numbers make up military time, which is read in pairs. The hour is represented by the first two numbers and the minutes by the last two. The 24-hour clock used in military time does not include AM and PM.


Any time before 12:00 military time is considered A.M., while any time after 12:00 is considered P.M. In an emergency, this large difference is crucial. This is another reason why emergency personnel frequently utilize military time.

  • We convert to the following time zone for 1430 military hours:
  • Split the given time into hours and minutes. Military time is 1430 then you will have 14 hours 30 minutes.
  • Determines whether the given time is greater than 1300. If yes, subtract 12 hours. So 1430 is greater than 1300. Subtract 12 hours from 14, you get 2 hours.
  • Keep the transcript intact. In this case, 30 minutes stay 30 minutes.
  • Add a colon between the hours and minutes (result 2:30).
  • Apply the A.M and P.M rules we mentioned earlier. Since 1430 is greater than 1200, our time is P.M. The converted standard time is 2:30 P.M.

Therefore, 2:30 P.M. is 1430 Military Time. You must distinguish between this and 230 or 0230 military time. You can attempt to convert from 2:30 PM to 1430 military time by following these steps:

  • Consider the P.M. in “2:30”. It is more than 12:00 in military time. Using the previously acquired method, we can add 2 to 12 hours to get 14 hours.
  • Minutes stay the same. So, here it is, still 30.
  • Take away the P.M and colon because these are not used in military time.In the end, we are left with 1430.

The same process may be used whenever you need it. To become used to reading, you might need some time and practice, though. Use the “Time Converter” tool if you need to know the answer to this without learning.

How To Reading and Pronouncing Military Time

It is crucial to understand the proper pronunciation in addition to the right military time conversion. The following are the reading guidelines:

  • Add “zero” or “oh” when reading from 0 to 9 hours, not from 10 to 24 hours.
  • Then, end with “hundred” or “hundred hours”.

For example, 0700 is “zero seven hundred”, “zero seven hundred hours”, “oh seven hundred” or “oh seven hundred hours”.

For our example of 1430 military time, we will pronounce it as “fourteen thirty hours”.

It should be noted that “Oh” is viewed as less formal and polite than “zero”.

Conversion & Pronunciation Chart

Use the chart to help you with reading and pronouncing time:

Military Time Standard Time Pronunciation
12:00 Midnight 0000 Zero Hundred Hours
1:00 A.M 0100 Zero One Hundred Hours
2:00 A.M 0200 Zero Two Hundred Hours
3:00 A.M 0300 Three Hundred Hours
04:00 A.M 0400 Zero Four Hundred Hours
05:00 A.M 0500 Zero Five Hundred Hours
06:00 A.M 0600 Zero Six Hundred Hours
07:00 A.M 0700 Zero Seven Hundred Hours
08:00 A.M 0800 Zero Eight Hundred Hours
09:00 A.M 0900 Zero Nine Hundred Hours
10:00 A.M 1000 Ten Hundred Hours
11:00 A.M 1100 Eleven Hundred Hours
12:00 P.M 1200 Twelve Hundred Hours
1:00 P.M 1300 Thirteen Hundred Hours
2:00 P.M 1400 Fourteen Hundred Hours
3:00 P.M 1500 Fifteen Hundred Hours
4:00 P.M 1600 Sixteen Hundred Hours
5:00 P.M 1700 Seventeen Hundred Hours
6:00 P.M 1800 Eighteen Hundred Hours
7:00 P.M 1900 Nineteen Hundred Hours
8:00 P.M 2000 Twenty Hundred Hours
9:00 P.M 2100 Twenty One Hundred Hours
10:00 P.M 2200 Twenty Two Hundred Hours
11:00 P.M 2300 Twenty Three Hundred Hours
12:00 P.M 2400 Twenty Four Hundred Hours


This conversion rule should not be too challenging for you, in our opinion. The first step to effective military timing is learning how to convert and pronounce it correctly. Consider reading one of our other articles on this specialized subject if you’re still having problems understanding military scheduling. We hope this post “Maybe You Do Not Know 1430 In Military Time” has provided you with adequate knowledge. Additionally, often check out for other fascinating stuff.

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