Best Tactical Belts for EDC (Any Tactical Situation) – Buying Guide

You shouldn’t skip tactical belts since they are unique belts. It aids in holding pants and showcasing fashion sense in addition to improving for tactical reasons. You might never want to switch back to a standard leather belt again because of its strong durability, generous adjustability, and chic military design.

Everything you require to know has been evaluated. This enabled us to compile a top-notch list of the top tactical belts for guys available right now. The Top 10 Best Tactical Belts for EDC are listed below (In any Tactical Situation). Let’s start with Thefellowsoldiers

What is a Tactical Belt?

Utility belts and tactical belts both provide the wearer with specialized functions rather than merely broad support. Extra equipment is carried on tactical belts, which exhibit exceptional durability. Good tactical belts are often constructed from robust materials with strong buckles. Even when you attach other items like radios, magazines, and handcuffs, they remain in place. Tactical belts are now a standard component of the uniforms used by military and police enforcement organizations all around the world.

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Tactical Belt Types

For their intended use, tactical belts come in a variety of designs, including:

  • Gun belts

Your clothes and your gun are both kept in place by a gun belt. Compared to conventional belts, they are thicker and more rigid. Because stiffness is such a crucial component, producers frequently stiffen the inside or double-reinforce the belt with leather to increase durability. When the gun is installed in the holster, the gun belt is also specifically made to avoid twisting, slacking, or stretching.

  • Instructor/trainer belts

When leading other people up in the air, such as during mountain rescue training, the Instructor/trainer belts are made to connect to a clamping mechanism. They can also be utilized for emergency rafting, though. The majority of Instructor/trainer belts come with a carabiner clamping mechanism. Because the buckle is typically employed in pulling scenarios requiring more than 5,000 pounds of pulling power, the belts put a lot of emphasis on it. The seam is also strengthened three times.

  • Web belts

Web belts are frequently described as the ideal military belt. Depending on the material and buckle design, these belts come in a variety of quality levels. If the belt is firm enough and the buckle remains tight, it can be carried and hidden. Fabric belts are designed for everyday use, such as holding pants, and are typically used in casual settings. They have no holes, so the wearer may alter the belt’s size to suit their requirements.

  • Magnetic latching belts

One of the most recent advancements in tactical belt technology is this. They are not meant to pull the raft or even fasten to anchor points, similar to web straps. Instead, they are made to support the object. Of course, the strength of the included magnets will determine your ability to grip your device.

  • Rigger belts

Rigger belts are made for climbing because they have “D” or “V” rings that keep your pants in place when engaging in activities like high-speed swings, rock climbing, and swinging. They have strong buckles that can endure more than 5,000 pounds of pull and triple-reinforced stitching, just like instructor/trainer belts.

  • Duty belts

Duty belts may support up to 15 lbs. Similar to gun belts, these belts’ rigidity is crucial since they are used to transport a lot of rather heavy equipment. It is pretty convenient because it works with most holsters and common attachments, however, when you’re on duty, it gets in the way a lot.

  • EDC Belts

Given that its width is only 1.5 inches, the EDC belt is relatively modest. Due to their modest profile, these straps are perfect for carrying more basic equipment. Due to their suitability as training/range rigs, they are more robust than you may expect despite seeming narrow. If you intend to carry heavy objects, however, you should use a wider belt.

Best Tactical Belts for EDC

Best Tactical Belts for EDC – Buying Guide

Making the finest belt choice might be difficult and perplexing. However, if you remember a few things, it will not be that tough. Here are a few things to think about while purchasing a tactical belt.


The most crucial aspect to take into account while selecting a tactical belt is the material. Although there are various options, leather, and nylon are the most common. Nylon is more affordable, stronger, and simple to work with. Leather, on the other hand, is more fashionable and may be worn with formal wear. We think that you will want a belt that looks attractive in addition to being robust and resilient.

The equipment you will carry

Keep in mind that tactical belts carry various items, so picking the appropriate belt makes sense. Various tactical belts are made for various reasons. Therefore, you will need to locate a belt that can accommodate the holsters and attachments you typically utilize.


Because you have to wear heavy tactical or military equipment on your belt for extended periods, comfort is important while wearing a tactical belt. The requirements and emotions of each person determine this comfort. For instance, although some individuals love a belt with a gap, others may prefer one that fits their waist perfectly. It all depends on you!


You should be aware that the sort of belt you get will depend on how much you pay for it. Cheaper belts often have limited features and are made of nylon. Contrarily, more expensive belts are constructed from superior materials and come with unique carrying and attaching capabilities. But not all inexpensive belts are subpar, and not all costly belts are the greatest. There continue to be exceptions.

Belt width

You can carry more with a broader belt without necessarily drooping or bending. Greater stiffness is used in wider tactical belts to make up for their increased width. Overly broad belts, however, may feel heavy and unwieldy. It all depends on your particular preferences and what makes you feel most at ease.

Top 10 Best Tactical Belts for EDC

Elite Survival Systems ELSCRB-B-SM

The Elite Survival Systems ELSCRB-B-SM is one of the top tactical pistol belts available, according to customer reviews on Amazon. The belt’s multifunctional design should enable you to utilize it for everyday tasks like carrying a rifle or flashlight or employing it in an emergency.

Belts from Elite Survival Systems are constructed of nylon. You will like this material since it can withstand practically everything you can throw at it. The material has a tensile strength of up to 7,000 pounds and is also coated to increase its durability. 

This tactical belt from Elite Survival Systems contains a buckle that is simple to lock and unlock, unlike other tactical belts. If you’re a police officer, soldier, hunter, survivor, or outdoor enthusiast, you’ll adore this belt’s functionality and adaptability. Its only drawback is that certain belts could find their buckle to be overly large.



  • quite comfortable and quite durable
  • contains a buckle that is simple to lock and unlock
  • sustain even bulky weapons and ammo pouches


  • Its buckle is too large to pass through some belt loops.

Relentless Concealed Carry CCW Gun

One belt that has received top reviews on Amazon from both customers and seasoned law enforcement officials is the Relentless Tactical. As a result of its utility and ease, it is highly popular. If you want a simple belt for carrying covertly during sporting events or arenas, you should get this one.

You may wear it just like a typical leather belt because it doesn’t look all that different from one. It is far more durable than conventional belts, which is the main distinction between the two. The Relentless Concealed Carry CCW Gun is strong enough to support a loaded pistol and two magazines at once.

The only issue you might have with this belt is that it does not stretch.



  • one of the best tactical belts for concealed carry
  • can carry all your heavy gear easily
  • one of the best gun belts for IWB carry
  • does not stretch, sag, or bend like other belts


  • It does not sag, thus it is not as comfy as it ought to be.

Blackhawk QCB Rigger’s

Another tactical belt that has received excellent reviews on Amazon is the Blackhawk QCB Rigger’s. This military belt is not the most fashionable one on the market. It is an extremely strong and long-lasting Rigger belt, though.

The strap of the Blackhawk QCB Rigger’s is strong and has tensile strength that can sustain up to 7,000 pounds of weight. In other words, you can handle or carry a large number of magazines and a hefty firearm. Its buckle and adaptor are equally durable as the strap. They are somewhat resilient parachutes. As a result, you may anticipate them to support and hold a lot of weight.

This belt is not as attractive as other tactical belts, which is one aspect we do not enjoy. It is too huge, has a military-style appearance, and isn’t feminine enough for business or leisure use.



  • It is a very tough belt
  • can handle heavy military equipment such as heavy handguns
  • durable and has a great tensile strength


  • the least fashionable tactical belt

Condor Tactical- Perfect Tactical Gun Belt

One such belt with a tactical/military appearance are the Condor Tactical- Perfect Tactical Gun Belt. The best duty police belt for more active duty is Condor Tactical, which is also a tactical belt for important tactical jobs. It is also rather big. So, you should carefully consider purchasing it if you intend to participate in a shooting range or partial search competition.

Your belt is always comfy to wear because it is completely adjustable. There are two magazine pouches for guns on this belt. Therefore, if you carry a heavy handgun, utilize it to keep your magazine packs close at hand. Overall, the Condor is a fantastic tactical pistol belt since it contains four adjustment loops for fastening extra gear, including firearms, and two magazine pouches. This tactical shooting belt is durable and has a long lifespan.

One aspect of this belt that you might not enjoy is how strange it appears when you are not wearing it at a shooting range, a competition, or any place where it would be appropriate.



  • a serious-looking tactical belt
  • a buckle has a quick-release mechanism
  • can adjust for comfort
  • comes with pouches for magazines


  • If you wear it in the incorrect location, it may give the impression that you are trying too hard.

Fairwin Tactical

One of the cheapest tactical belts on the market right now is the Fairwin. If you want a belt that will fit in your pocket, purchase it. This tactical belt is also excellent; it has a military appearance and is easily adjustable.

Users have many options because this duty belt is offered in a variety of colors and sizes. The load-bearing clasp and the strongly reinforced strap are two features that set this belt apart. It is extremely durable and hard because of these two qualities. Additionally, Fairwin supports you in handling even bulky tactical equipment.

You might not like the fact that attaching a hidden girder to it is a little challenging.



  • available in multiple colors and sizes
  • It is an affordable tactical belt
  • has a lifetime warranty
  • has a great customer support


  • not sufficiently strong for a hip holster

Tacticon Battle Belt

We think the Tacticon tactical belt satisfies stringent criteria for tactical usage because it is produced in the USA. This inexpensive battle belt is made for use in demanding situations. High-coverage nylon index and metal keychain are part of the 1000D PVC nylon material. The inside anti-slip cushioning prevents the belt from moving around too much while you move. More importantly, the lifetime warranty that the item has speaks volumes about its quality.

Your things will remain firmly fastened on the belt thanks to the snug fit of the laser-cut MOLLE loops. Additionally, the Tacticon is a quick-release tactical belt with a carrying capacity of over 100 pounds for stuff like magazines and firearms. But it appears that the size is a little too large. Users of tactical belts should size down for a better fit.



  • The metal cobra buckle is sturdy
  • The belt remains in place as you move thanks to the cushioned inner.
  • no loose threads in the reinforced stitching.
  • reasonably priced.


  • The size may be a little large.

Mission Belt Men’s Leather Ratchet

The Mission Belt Men’s Leather Ratchet is a belt that you may employ tactically, albeit it is not a genuine tactical belt in the traditional meaning of the word. It is a tactical belt for serious tactical work, to put it briefly. This tactical belt is unique and well-liked. It has a free magazine pouch and can be adjusted to any size.

You will adore this belt for a number of reasons. First off, it is hole-free. As a result, you’ll never have to be concerned about those unsightly stretch marks. Second, due to how simple it is to modify, the belt always fits. The rapid release mechanism is the third feature. In the end, it’s a belt you can feel good about purchasing since a percentage of the manufacturer’s earnings will be used to combat global hunger and poverty.



  • one of the greatest ratcheting gun belts
  • easy to remove
  • It is a belt offered by a business whose goal is to end world hunger.
  • one of the most excellent EDC belts


  • cannot hold a heavy handgun

GRIP6 Belts

This GRIP6 is the most attractive item on the list. It looks well with both business and informal attire. Additionally, there are many different color possibilities for belts, making it simple to choose a hue or design you enjoy.

The GRIP6 belt is highly rigid and long-lasting. Its clasp is constructed of metal with an aerospace-grade finish, and its strap is made of military-grade nylon. It is tough enough for tactical usage. It will not let you down while you’re competing or at the range. The friction buckle used on the GRIP6 belt is unique. As a result, you may modify it to the ideal size for your requirements because it is completely adjustable. This tactical belt is excellent and has very few drawbacks.

This belt will take some getting used to, which is something you might not enjoy.



  • fully adjustable and locks well
  • one of the top gun belts for OWB carry
  • quite lightweight
  • perfect looks great


  • It needs some adjustment time to wear it.

5.11 Tactical Men’s 1.5 Inch Tactical Belt

This 5.11 tactical belt is made of high-quality materials. Heavy-duty plastic used to create the tactical belt buckle is durable and won’t crack easily. The clasp on the belt makes adjusting it simple as well. The belt’s low cost and fashionable style are by far its greatest advantages. The belt’s basic design will make you seem stylish when worn with jeans.

The nylon fabric used to make 5.11 Tactical allows it to support any weight, including that of a rifle or a flashlight. We were happy to see that it could firmly secure the P320. I believe tough nylon may even be utilized as a baggage or gear strap when traveling.

The plastic buckle sticking out because the belt’s two layers are piled on top of one another is the sole drawback.



  •  Can holds everything in place without any Velcro involved
  • design looks good on any casual jeans
  • Adjusts through the buckle easily, without pinching
  • an economical price


  • needs time to break-in

Propper Tactical Duty Belt

One of the well-known tactical mission belts with a straightforward design is Propper. They have a non-metallic buckle and are composed of nylon webbing. This work belt is breathable and easy to wear without having to worry about shrinking thanks to the fabric’s blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton.

The Propper belt behaves like a thick leather belt since it is likewise quite rigid. It does not fold like other belts and can keep the form of the edges nicely. You won’t have to constantly adjust your belt during the day because the buckle is highly robust. As a result, you may carry a tactical holster with even more confidence since the straps keep it in place.

The Propper belt does, however, seem a little stiff at first, especially after a few uses. It could feel a bit unpleasant at first, but it should pass eventually.



  • Secure enough to carry tactical guns and other items
  • Has a minimalist design
  • Buckle won’t slip through the pant loops
  • durability and breathability


  • A bit stiff


Which leather pistol belt is the best?

The Relentless Tactical belt is the greatest leather pistol belt. It’s a gorgeous leather belt that was handcrafted in the USA. It has a lifetime guarantee and won’t budge or lose strength. It is an excellent tactical belt that will support your rifle in the exact position you choose.

What is the ideal IWB gun belt?

The Marino Men’s Genuine Leather Ratchet Dress Belt with Automatic Buckle is our top selection. It’s very robust and supportive, making it a good gun belt. The material utilized to make this tactical belt is its greatest feature. The leather is extremely durable and fashionable.

Why are tactical belts necessary?

Anyone may utilize tactical belts; they are not just for security and military personnel. Consider purchasing one of the top tactical belts on the list above for the following reasons:

  • They are highly resilient and don’t rip or wear out quickly.
  • They are more durable than standard belts.
  • They are adaptable and suitable for both formal and informal settings, as well as tactical ones.
  • They make it simple for you to use your equipment.


There are several styles of tactical belts on the market right now. Our research indicates that the top tactical belts are strong, cozy, and versatile. The Relentless Tactical belt is the best tactical belt on our list. If all you need is a straightforward, robust, and long-lasting tactical belt, get it.

We hope the post “Best Tactical Belts for EDC (Any Tactical Situation)” will be of use to you. Visit for more current, fascinating information.

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