How To Wash Wool Army Blankets

What is a military wool blanket?

Military wool blankets are similar to ordinary wool blankets. However, the difference is military wool blankets often have a larger size,  and they are designed to meet the needs of harsh weather than conventional wool blankets. For example, they use flame-proof materials and can provide the best moisture.

Regarding the materials, military blankets are not made entirely of wool, they just have only 75% pure wool. This is to insure the blankets could meet the requirements above.

Because being more special than casual wool blankets, the way of cleaning them is also different.

Preparation before washing wool army blankets

To wash a military wool blanket effectively, you need to have an understanding of the features and materials of this blanket.

Before cleaning military wool blankets, you should prepare some equipment and materials, including:

  • Clean brush
  • A clean cloth
  • Wool-safe bleach
  • Vinegar
  • Washing machine

How To Wash Wool Army Blankets1

How to wash wool army blankets?

After you had prepared the necessary things, we will share with you five simple steps to clean your army blankets effectively:

Wash the blanket in a well-ventilated place

First, open your blanket and choose a spacious spot to shake off any remaining dirt and debris on your blanket. It is an important stage because it makes the blanket more cleaned after washing as well as helps to protect your washing machine. If any big debris remains in your blanket, it will cause a jam and sometimes impact your washing machine.

Then, you can hang your blanket on the clothesline and use a clean brush to brush off the dirt for added convenience.

Spread blankets and treat stains

After shaking off all the dirt, spread the blanket on a flat surface to check for any stains one more time. If you spot any tough stain, you would clean it with the vinegar-soaked spot where the stain is. This is to ensure the blanket is completely clean.

Steep the blanket in cold water

In the next step, put the blanket in the washing machine and soak the veil in the washing machine with cold water for 20 minutes before washing it. this helps remove the stains better. The temperature is so important. People think that washing with warm water will be better. But your wool army blankets are made of wool – meaning when washed in warm or hot water, the wool fibers may shrink.

Blanket cleaning

After 20 minutes, turn on the washing machine and wash your blanket, but just set the wash for 3-5 minutes. Check out the blanket when the wash cycle is completed. If you still see stains remaining, you need to continue to start the wash again. If not, switch it to rinse mode, and the steps are complete.

Dry the blanket

Take the blanket out of the washing machine. Then, use the towel you had prepared and roll it in a dry towel to let the towel absorb the moisture from the wool blanket.

Finally, bring your blanket to an airy place to dry to avoid odors. You should note that you should avoid drying your blanket under the sun directly because direct sunlight also causes wool may shrink.

Useful tips for washing wool blankets?

Here we give you some recommendations when washing and keeping your military wool blanket clean and high-quality for a long time.

  • As we said above, you shouldn’t use warm water or hot water when washing your blankets. Because this can cause shrinkage of the wool fibers and affect the life of the blankets.
  • Secondly, after washing, you should not use your hands to wring it out as it also damages the covering. Instead, you should use a clean towel rolled over the outside of the blanket to reduce moisture.
  • Don’t use strong detergents because they could damage your blanket. You should just use a mild detergent designed explicitly for wool.
  • Do not use the washer-extractor.
  • Do not wash two woolen blankets or more at the same time.
  • Finally, you should dry the blanket in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight since the effects are on the wool blankets.



How do you wash old wool army blankets?

You can wash old as new blankets. As long as when washing you make sure the precautions to avoid we mentioned above such as: washing only with cold water, do not use warm or hot water, do not wring after washing but use a clean and dry towel to roll outside the army wool blanket to absorb moisture, do not expose to direct sunlight, etc.

Of course, because they are old blankets, they are no longer as high quality as new ones and are more prone to damage. Therefore, you need to be more careful when washing, and it is best to set the minimum spin speed when washing to protect them.

How To Wash Wool Army Blankets

Can I wash a wool army blanket at home?

You can thoroughly wash the blanket right at home. To save time, you also use a washing machine to clean your military wool blankets.

Of course, you need to be careful with the notes and tips we mentioned above.

Ensure that you understand the way of washing your blankets without shrinking. If not, you should go to the laundry store to get help.

How do you deep clean a wool blanket?

To deep clean a wool blanket, you should follow the steps we share with you. This í the perfect way to clean your wool blankets deeply without shrinking:

  • Shake the dirt off the blanket
  • Clean stains with vinegar-soaked if necessary
  • Soak the blanket in cold water for at least 15-20 minutes
  • Wash the blanket (by hand or by washing machine), and use a towel to clean the outside of the blanket to absorb moisture, don’t wring it.
  • Dry the blanket in a ventilated place and avoid direct sunlight.

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In conclusion, we hope that we help you answer the question “How to wash a wool army blanket?” through this post. If you have any questions or want to know more information about military wool blankets, please leave comments here. we will respond to you as soon as possible.


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