What is a POG meaning in Military? Everything You Should Know

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What is a POG Military?

The word “POG” is only used in the military. Person Other Than Grunt is both an adverb and an acronym.

What POGs Meant Back Then…

The acronym “POG” is derived from the Gaelic word “pogue,” which means “kiss.” Non-service members were referred to as “pogues” during the American Civil War because they had to stay at home and receive all the kisses from the women.

The military currently abbreviates it to POG to designate anyone not actively engaged in combat. Therefore, the term “Grunts” in “POG” refers to infantrymen engaged in combat. “POG” has a bad reputation in Vietnam. It was used to deride and criticize people who had not participated in the battle. Therefore, it has also been seen as a pejorative word.

What POGs Mean Today

POG is now primarily used as a joke. Rear units that provide food, ammo, information, transportation, etc. are typically referred to as POG. As a result, military personnel are aware of the significance of POG. If you’re a “POG” right now, embrace your uniqueness with pride!



Benefits of POGs

Becoming a POG has the following perks:

  • Except for occasional bonuses, you will receive the same pay and benefits as employees in other roles, but with just half the risk.
  • You receive a lot of instruction in practical subjects like paperwork that you may use when doing your tasks.
  • Although you still need to complete the fundamental qualifying requirements, there is less demand on you to demonstrate your physical strength and combat skills.
  • Since you spend most of your time with top officers and commanders, your living circumstances are often superior and you advance through the ranks more quickly. You do not need to wait on your team sergeant to persuade others of your accomplishments; your contribution may be acknowledged right away.

Should You Be a POG?

You could be thinking about applying to become a POG if you are reading this post before enlisting in the army. If you ignore their attempts to offend you out of fear that they will, they will swiftly stop. Additionally, don’t let the POG moniker pressure you into fighting.

An army is a group that values cooperation and unity highly. An ideal team needs a variety of members who can complement and support one another. Similar to a football squad, not every player can be a striker. Like a football team requires defenders, the army similarly needs POG. Therefore, you need to never think of a POG as being ineffective or unimportant.


You have probably now grasped the POG meaning in military. When the phrase “POG” is used in military context, you no longer need to chuckle uncomfortably. We hope this essay taught you a lot about POG. Additionally, often check out Thefellowsoldiers.com for other fascinating stuff.

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