About us

Good day, everyone. Thank you for visiting Thefellowsoldiers.com.

It’s a website to introduce and provide information and support to soldiers about tactical equipment, defense equipment, and life tips.

Supporting citizens and soldiers is our mission

At least two hats are worn by Guard Your Health: Citizens and Soldiers. This poses particular difficulties, such as juggling regular drill weekends with civilian jobs and family obligations, as well as mobilizing and deploying outside base support systems.

Guard Your Health regularly performs all of this while having restricted access to Army facilities and activities. Our mission is to equip Guard Your Health with the knowledge, inspiration, and support they need to overcome these obstacles and choose healthy lifestyles for themselves, their families, and their units.

The Soldier’s Creed motto, My Mission. My Health., was chosen by Soldiers for Soldiers because it reflects the personal responsibility of each Soldier and family member to maintain health and readiness.

More than just passing the Army Physical Fitness Test is required for the health-focused mission. It involves looking after one’s mind, body, and spirit. It’s about staying healthy and prepared to respond to calls at home and abroad. It also has to do with feeling well right now and in the future.