Top 6 Best Tactical Light For Mossberg 500 – Buying Guide 2023

In search of a top-notch tactical light to fasten to your Mossberg 500? Which tactical lights are best given the wide variety of flashlight kinds and brands now available on the market? To make your decision simpler and more practical, has investigated and selected the top 6 best tactical lights for the Mossberg 500 collection. Stay tuned for this post and scroll slowly to avoid missing any crucial details!

What is a Mossberg 500?

The Mossberg 500 is a pump action pistol that is most likely the most well-known in the US. These pistols are among the weapons that everyone should acquire since they are so dependable and reasonably priced.

They are available in a number of arrangements. They can be utilized for self-defense, hunting, and target shooting. Police personnel also appreciate it as one of their go-to weapons.

Things to consider while purchasing

Before buying a tactical light for your Mossberg 500, there are a few things you should take into account.

Mounting security

Security mounting is crucial and shouldn’t be ignored. However, since the majority of Mossberg 500 pistols lack an accessory holder, you will need to look into alternative possibilities for mounting tactical lights. Look for a new pump handle lamp or a Mossberg tube end cap tactical light that has a strong light built in.

Lighting Power

Your next consideration should be lumens – the power of tactical lights. Lumens may be measured in a variety of ways, but you need to make sure the tactical lights you select have a minimum brightness of 100 lumens. The light on the softer side is perfect for usage in a small room or corridor in your house. On the other hand, pick a greater lumen if you want to use it outdoors or across longer distances.

Beam width

The beam width is presented together with the light intensity. You can see what is in front of you more clearly because of this component. The majority of tactical lights have at least a 60-degree beam angle. As a result, take this characteristic into account while selecting a flashlight.


Be sure to select models that are simple to switch between various lighting conditions. Because it is simple to divert the opponent and advance, adjusting the clicks is required. You should also pay attention to the LED that is flashing. Highlight and a quick flash will be great for eliminating your adversaries.


You also need to take into account the lamp’s weight. A light that is light or moderately heavy, especially one that safeguards your bones and joints, so it does not feel heavy when installed on the gun.

As an illustration, using light adds weight every time you raise a weapon to repel an intruder. The weight of the pistol and the light will make you feel exhausted even if you only perform it a maximum of 2-3 times.


The price should be your final priority. This is significant because it determines if the value you receive justifies the cost. The price of tactical lights can range from $20 to $200.

Top 6 Best Tactical Light For Mossberg 500

1. Streamlight 69600 TL-Racker Light

You may be confident in the value of the Streamlight 69600 TL-Racker for only $120. A tactical lamp with a distinctive design and solid yet flexible curves is presented here. This light’s construction lowers the possibility of collision and makes it particularly suitable for use as a defensive weapon in long-distance missions.

Another benefit of the Streamlight 69600 TL-Racker is the high-quality material. The light has exceptional endurance and is water resistant since it is made entirely of 6000-grade machined aviation aluminum.

Next, the illumination quality of the lamps must be mentioned. The Streamlight 69600 features 1000-lumen anti-shock white LEDs to provide illumination up to 283 meters away. It is a perfect standard that is difficult for any adversary to surpass. The light can operate constantly for 1.5 hours thanks to a super battery that powers it. If you use them infrequently and at low light levels, this number may rise.



  • unique and distinctive style
  • high-quality material
  • 1.5 hours are spent using the battery continually.
  • has 1000 lumen and provides illumination up to 283 meters


  • The price is excessive.

2. TRINITY Mossberg 500 Maverick Light

It is wise to get a tactical black that is small and light. Numerous studies have demonstrated the challenges of employing huge tactical lights, including installation challenges and, in extreme cases, bone and joint damage. Don’t stress; TRINITY Mossberg 500 Maverick will assist you in overcoming all of those challenges. The light barely weighs 6.7 ounces, so you may use it for extended periods without worrying about how it will make you feel.

The TRINITY Mossberg 500 Maverick’s 1000 lumens of illumination are remarkable. This intensity will improve your long-range visibility and help you see danger right away. This tactical lamp’s light also has the power to momentarily impair the enemy’s vision. Additionally, because the light allows for a certain ratio of zooming in and out, your focus range may be simply modified.

Additionally, the lamp’s high-grade aluminum construction offers you certain standard characteristics like waterproofing or anti-slip. As a result, the lamp’s lifespan can be increased by several years. If you are diligent and keep the equipment maintained on a regular basis, this figure may possibly be greater.



  • Compact size
  • Easy to install
  • Effective water resistance and Perfect anti-slip
  • Stable price


  • inadequate impact resistance

3. Trinity 1500-Lumen Flashlight

Our Trinity is a must-have if you’re seeking a tactical light with consistent brightness. The Trinity 800-Lumen costs less than some other lights and is bright enough for usage indoors or outdoors. The item can produce up to 800 lumens of light. With the use of this ability, you can locate and blind the bad men to protect your entire family.

Anodized aluminum body that is strong and resistant to impact. The machine is protected from the majority of harsh weather situations by its internal O-rings. The majority of Remington, Savage, Stevens, and Benelli pistols, as well as the Mossberg 500 and Mossberg 590a1 handguns, are also compatible with this light.

The Trinity 800-Lumen utilizes AAA batteries, in contrast to many tactical lights, which also gives it a far longer lifespan than other flashlights: up to 100,000 hours of operation. You may adjust the light’s zoom so that it is either broad for maximum lighting or close-up for targeting purposes. So, if you’d want, you could also use it as a strobe light.



  • Waterproof and Drop Proof
  • Setting the strobe to disorient intruders
  • Using AAA batteries
  • Reasonably priced


  • Not compatible with barrels that are heat-shielded

4. Trinity 1000 Lumen led Flashlight

We’d like to introduce you to the Trinity 1000 Lumen LED Flashlight, which is the most popular product for water resistance. You’ll perform at your best in adverse weather if you have water resistance. High-quality 6061T aluminum with water-resistant carved o-lines makes this feature feasible.

Trinity 1000 Lumen LED Flashlight can produce up to 1000 lumens of light. This light gives you the ability to blind your foe, which will make it simpler for you to beat them. Additionally, this kind of lamp can project many meters out, providing you with a long and wide perspective.

The lamp’s outstanding design also includes strong, flexible connection parts that make it easier to utilize the light on its own. It’s very simple to attach the lights to the weapon; all you have to do is release and attach them to both sides of the tube. 

The lamp’s flawless anti-slip, explosion-proof, and impact-resistant capabilities are even more impressive. User safety is improved by this feature. It is simple to use and aids in securing your safety at risky hours. One of the features of the Trinity brand is this.



  • Perfect waterproof ability
  • Impressive design
  • Easy to use


  • The warranty is subpar.

5. SureFire DSF-500/590 Light

The SureFire DSF-500/590 Light is the next contender on the list. The maker highlights the product’s numerous remarkable characteristics, which include two levels of tactical illumination, two-handed toggling, thin ergonomics, and trustworthy durability. This particular model has a small, light system that makes installing it on your pistol much easier.

The SureFire DSF’s brightness pleased us throughout testing. It employs shock-resistant LEDs with a maximum output of 600 lumens and 200 lumens at higher settings, with double the runtime. A light reflector is used in conjunction with it to generate a wide, smooth, and flawless beam. As a result, the user’s visibility improves.

On the other hand, the product’s aluminum construction also confers specific usage values. A life expectancy of up to three years is the most usual. If you know how to properly maintain and care for them, this period may last longer.

The cost of the goods, however, is what terrifies us the most in this situation. The price of the light is around $324.99.



  • Sustainable materials
  • Easy to operate
  • Mossberg 500 or 590 are best optimized


  • The price is excessive.

6. TRINITY Mossberg 500 Rail Mount Light

The TRINITY Mossberg 500 Rail Mount Light was seen as a special way for the company to express its thanks to customers for helping to solve the battery life issue. Aluminum alloy is used to create the TRINITY light. This kind of material enables improved protection and increases product longevity. The light is also waterproof, which contributes to its longer lifespan.

Additionally, the lamp’s backup power is the ideal highlight. To assist you to divert the attention of the bad guys’ gaze, the gadget offers a brightness of up to 1000 lumens. The green aiming light also works well with the 12 Gauge Shotgun pistol to support your aim in dim lighting. Additionally, this military light model gives you a solid perspective and an outstanding zoom.



  • Good waterproof and effective anti-slip
  • Easy to use
  • Long life
  • Stable price


  • Lower sustainability

Tactical light advice & techniques

  • Use a different flashlight when you’re looking.

Never aim a pistol toward anything you don’t plan to fire is the first lesson you’ll learn in any gun safety school. You should have a separate flashlight for checking your home unless you want to point your shotgun at everything that moves at night.

  • Use the light only while you are actively looking.

A light may reveal your location. It’s a good idea to stay in the dark as much as possible as you can probably navigate your home in the dark just fine. Only use the light as necessary to make space clean, then turn it off while moving to the next space.

  • Have a backup light at all times

It is still critical to maintain your abilities polished. You should check the batteries and acquaint yourself with the tactical lights on and off on a regular basis. There is not time for that if you need to safeguard yourself or your belongings in the middle of the night. Therefore, it is never unnecessary to have an extra flashlight. This is just another justification for using a different flashlight.


  • Which tactical light is ideal for the Mossberg 500?

The tactical light that best suits your demands and price range for the Mossberg 500 is that one. Make sure you do your homework before buying a tactical light because there are several varieties available.

In this list we choose 3 lights you should use once in your life including Streamlight 69600 TL-Racker Light, TRINITY Mossberg 500 Rail Mount Light, and TRINITY Mossberg 500 Maverick Light.

  • Are strobe features included on all tactical lights?

The majority of tactical lights include an on/off strobe function.


The Mossberg 500 tactical light that best suits your demands and price range is the one. Make sure you do your homework before buying a tactical light because there are several varieties available. Never fire the trigger until you are positive that your life is in danger. Keep in mind that a light alerts an intruder to where you are.

We hope the post “Best Tactical Light For Mossberg 500” will be of use to you. Visit for more current, fascinating information.

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