How To Carry A Tactical Tomahawk & Carry Methods for Newbies

There are many types of weapons that you can use for self-defense. Besides common objects such as guns, daggers, and power tools, the axe is also a good choice that you could consider.

on the basic, Tomahawk is a hand-held weapon, which is majority used in melee nature. It often is used by Native Americans or the US Armed Forces.

Tomahawk has many benefits in fight or self-defense. But, if you are a newbie who does not know a lot about it as well as how to use it, this post will share with you how to carry a tactical tomahawk flexibly with useful tips. The popular questions are “How To Carry A Tactical Tomahawk & Carry Methods for Newbies?”, “How to wear a tomahawk and still ensure your health?’, or “What is the way to carry a tomahawk fit with the tomahawk battle belt?”

Some common tips such as:

  • Wear at the waist backward
  • Chest rig or battle belt
  • Bring Ice-Axe style
  • Attached to the water bottle
  • Keep them under the saddle

And in this article, we will give you more detailed information about these things. Now, let’s start!

Benefits Of Tomahawk

The uses and features of the product are the first things that customers consider when buying. To get a good item, you need to know whether it is essential or just a product to enjoy and admire. Here we will give you some of the functions and merits that the tomahawk can bring to itself, to help you have more understanding of it.

The ability to self-defense

Self-defense is undoubtedly one of the prominent uses an ax can provide. It has high safety and can protect you very well. It could ensure safety as well as other standard self-defense weapons such as guns, cones, electric stunners, etc. It is also easy to carry in long-distance expeditions or adventures.

How To Carry A Tactical Tomahawk

Serve the essential needs when going on a picnic

Besides the advantages that a tomahawk brings in self-defense, it is also useful in picnic trips. This is because it has a compact shape, plus sharp edges, there will be many cases in which you need it such as cutting trees, cutting wood, setting up tents, and hunting for food, which is all urgent needs to use. The tomahawk will be a good item in games, especially survival in the forest or other trips like that.


Tomahawk has a unique shape structure, it boats sharp blade, the fixed handle is sure to withstand good resistance, and is easy to bring when running. These make tomahawks become an ideal item in rescue work like escaping doors and cutting off key chains. It is the reason why it is used to use in rescues.

Sawing wood

It may be the first function of the tomahawk that you could think out. The way of using sawing wood is very easy: the most common method is taking a large ax, moving it higher than the log, and then making a moderate force to cut it straight from the top to the bottom to remove it. This way used to apply with the large logs, with small ones, you just need to saw it in any way you like.

Now, with the development of technology, tomahawks are designed with ideal dynamic shapes. It means you don’t need to use much effort, even when sawing very big logs. However, you need to use it with the correct posture: placing the ax blade at the ridge and keeping it fixed with the other arm; then both moving together will create a collision force that slightly pulls the path.

How To Carry A Tactical Tomahawk?

Here, we will share with you some tips for carrying a tactical tomahawk for convenient travel that you can consider. Some of these may be useful to you.

Wear at the waist backward

As you know, the belt is the most useful place to hide items. In the upper class or people who are easy to be threatened by risks, putting a tomahawk at the belt will be convenient to withdraw weapons for self-defense in times of emergency.

However, carrying the axe in this way causes some problems. For example, the ax sag phenomenon hinders the movement of the legs. Take long-distance travel as another illustration, the ax bag will make you discomfort. And therefore, you should find out a way of wearing it and the correct position to avoid the risk that could happen.

Chest rig or battle belt

Carrying the tomahawk on a chest strap or a combat belt is also a smart idea. With a measurement design that fits snugly on the waistband, it will not disturb you when you manipulate or shoot bullets. And when you need it, you could take it out and use it easily and quickly. If you notice, you would see that the design is a tight-fitting length to prevent maximum shocks when you run or vigorously move.

Bring according to Ice-Axe style

The strategy of carrying the tactical tomahawk this method derived from snow and ice climbers. The way of Ice-Axe style is by threading a loop of the handle from the top to the bottom of the incubator. Then the handle wraps another vertical circle and lets it fall.

Doing this will reduce the weight of the ax, thus, reducing fatigue and effort when climbing. Applying this style to carry a tactical tomahawk will bring you many similar benefits.

Attached to the water bottle

Attaching the ax to the water bottle is really a clever tactic. It is applied widely to survival and backpacking in the community.

To use this way, you need to get yourself an object-building kit that wraps around the body of the water bottle. There will not be more issues because you often carry a lot of things to meet basic survival needs. And a little extra weight is not a problem.

Keep them under the saddle

It is a simple strategy. You can easily stuff items like an ax under the saddle or an item bag. Not sure, but in some urgent cases, when stuck in a particular car compartment, you can quickly use a tomahawk to break the exit door. Or it can also be to save people in an emergency.

What are things To Consider To Avoid When Carrying Tomahawk?

When carrying a tomahawk, it’s important to consider the following to avoid any accidents or injuries:

Legal restrictions

Check the local laws and regulations regarding the carry of a tomahawk, as it may be considered a weapon in some jurisdictions.

Safe storage

Store the tomahawk in a secure place where it won’t accidentally fall or cause harm to anyone.

Proper handling

Make sure to handle the tomahawk carefully and securely, with a firm grip and keeping your fingers away from the blade.

Awareness of surroundings

Be aware of your surroundings and any potential hazards, and avoid swinging or waving the tomahawk around recklessly.


Be responsible and take necessary precautions when using a tomahawk, and seek professional training or guidance if necessary.

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What can I use a tactical tomahawk for?

A tactical tomahawk can be used for a variety of tasks, including:

Breaching: breaking through doors, walls, and other barriers.

Cutting: cutting through various materials such as rope, wire, and small branches.

Digging: digging holes for tent stakes, fire pits, and other camping needs.

Self-defense: as a defensive weapon in emergency situations.

Survival: used for various survival activities such as chopping firewood and building shelter.

Emergency rescue: used to cut through barriers in emergency rescue situations.

It’s important to note that while a tactical tomahawk can be useful in a variety of situations, it is also a potentially dangerous weapon, and should be handled and used with caution and proper training.

Is a tomahawk good for self-defense?

As we mentioned above, A tomahawk can be used for self-defense, but it may not be the most effective or practical option for everyone. Here are a few things to consider:

Training and proficiency: using a tomahawk for self-defense require proper training and proficiency in handling the weapon.

Legal implications: carrying a tomahawk for self-defense may have legal implications and may be considered a weapon in some jurisdictions.

Alternatives: there may be more effective and practical self-defense options available, such as pepper spray or a personal alarm.

Lethal force: using a tomahawk for self-defense may result in serious injury or death, and should only be used as a last resort in life-threatening situations.

In general, it is advisable to consider other options for self-defense and to seek professional training and advice before using a tomahawk for this purpose.

Can a tomahawk be used as a weapon?

This ax has many functions, including being used as a weapon in fighting or self-defense. So, the answer is “YES”, a tomahawk can be used as a weapon.  And we have also analyzed it carefully and in detail above.

Historically, tomahawks were used as weapons by indigenous people in North America, and in modern times they are sometimes used for self-defense or in tactical situations. However, it’s important to keep in mind that using a tomahawk as a weapon can result in serious injury or death, and may also have legal implications. Before using a tomahawk as a weapon, it’s advisable to seek professional training and guidance and to be aware of the local laws and regulations regarding the carry and use of weapons.



in conclusion, Tomahawk is the new generation chopper and is a self-defense weapon worth buying with outstanding properties. This post shares with you some useful knowledge about “How to carry a tactical tomahawk & carry methods for newbies?” and answers some common questions. With it, we hope that you have more understanding about the ways of use and the notes to avoid to ensure absolute safety, not only you but also many people around.

If you have other exciting experiences or have any questions, please share them in this article by writing in the comments section below.

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