Top 10 Best Tactical Helmets – Which Keep Your Head Safe (2023)

When it comes to outdoor sports and activities, your head is the region of your body that is most susceptible. The top tactical helmets shield the head without sacrificing comfort. It’s important to take the challenge of selecting the ideal tactical helmet for your operation carefully. There are many different types of tactical helmets, so we have put together a list of the top ones that are currently on the market. Find out a lot of fascinating details by reading the article “Top 10 best tactical helmets – Which protect your head safe” with Thefellowsoldiers.

What are tactical helmets?

Military headgear changed during the 20th century. Every armed conflict offers a chance to evaluate and improve the technologies that shield soldiers from harm. They are often crafted from Hadfield steel, manganese steel, or both, making them tough and wear-resistant. In the 1950s, protective gear made a significant advancement. The aramid fiber, branded as “Kevlar,” was created by DuPont. The majority of people are aware of Kevlar and its bulletproof properties. Kevlar is shock-absorbing, lightweight, strong, and will not rust or corrode.

How to purchase Tactical Helmets: What to look for?

The initial purpose of tactical helmets was to shield wearers from fragmentation and handgun bullets. Here are some factors to think about to assist you in selecting the best tactical helmet for your requirements.


The two main categories of tactical helmets available today are bump and ballistic.

  • Ballistic: By accredited organizations, these helmets have passed thorough performance and safety testing. They’re intended to shield the skull from different ballistic hits. The finest ballistic helmets for civilian use are those that provide the highest level of safety without sacrificing comfort. NVG and other attachments fit as well.
  • Bump: To shield the head from blows, wear this cap. A bump tactical helmet is generally used in training, airsoft, and other outdoor activities. Other attachments like NVGs and flashlights can fit within. Although it is fundamentally less expensive than ballistics, this is also less robust.

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Certain tactical helmets can cover the ears, making them bulky and warm. The issue of including contact information in the setup is another one. The exposed ears of tactical high-cut helmets allow for better airflow. Also, it makes it simple to attach communications to the rails. Nonetheless, in fierce battles involving live gunfire, the reduced coverage may be dangerous.


Its adaptability in terms of fit and design contributes to how comfortable it is to wear. The majority of the tactical helmets on our list have Velcro points for name tags or IFFs so you can identify your teammates in-game. For the helmet to comfortably suit your head, you should also search for adjustable straps and detachable padding. Much preferable for fine-tuning the settings is a knob or dial.

If the helmet feels snug and the crown pad contacts the top of your head, it is a good fit. Also, even if you shake or shift your head to either side, the helmet must remain in place.

Protection Level

Your head is meant to be protected by a tactical helmet, therefore you should take this into great consideration while selecting one. Make sure the material is sturdy enough to shield your head from blows by looking at it. If all you want to do with the helmet is wear it for airsoft or outdoor activities, the thick ABS shell could be adequate. If you want something that will withstand bullets, look for more robust materials, like Kevlar.

Top 10 best tactical helmets

1. OneTigris MICH 2000 Style ACH Tactical Helmet


The OneTigris MICH 2000 Style ACH provides convenience and comfort. The ATE crash helmet is ideal for airsoft games since it is lightweight but strong to wear. The hat is fantastic since you can select from a variety of sizes, which guarantees a tight fit and prevents it from swaying as you walk.

Two movable straps on either side of the OneTigris MICH 2000 Style ACH provide for considerable adjustability to fit your head and chin. The hat also features an inside layer of cushioning to assist cushion impacts to your head. Also, the over-ear (ATE) design of the helmet prevents it from overheating even when I play in damp conditions. You may shoot your airsoft game with your preferred over-ear headphones and camera by attaching them to the side rails.


  • Ideal for airsoft games; no bobbling
  • Low-profile goggles for additional eye protection
  • Has adjustable straps 
  • Has interior padding and slide rail 
  • Cool and lightweight to use


  • Screws need to be tightened 

2. DLP Tactical Impax Extreme Bump Helmet


While seeking the greatest tactical helmet, you must not overlook the Impax Extreme. For airsoft games, training, or operations that do not call for bullet resistance, this military impact helmet is ideal.

Similar cam buckles, straps, and buckles are found on the Impax Extreme. The rails are ideal for connecting my favorite accessories, and the front area accommodates a one-night vision adapter. In the case of a collision or fall, the robust nylon shell will safeguard your head. Because of the adjustability knob, this hat is also quite pleasant to wear. Also, it enables the attachment of a flashlight, allowing you to continue working while seeing what you are doing.


  • Lightweight and comfortable 
  • Fits a night vision adapter, flashlights, and other accessories
  • Includes plenty of Velcro to attach patches and a CE rating sticker for safety
  • Heavy-duty nylon fiber shell
  • Fits nicely to small and large heads using the adjustment knob


  • No instructions on where to place the padding and Velcro

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3. HYOUT Fast Base Jump Helmet


If you frequently participate in extreme activities, the HYOUT Fast Base is a superb head guard. The entire structure seems rather solid, and it should be able to protect against head knocks. It is also one of the few manufacturers that provide instructions on how to arrange the rails and cushions for optimum comfort.

With four points of attachment for Velcro padding, the HYOUT Fast Base allows for customized fitting for various head shapes. Moreover, rails are there to provide an area for lighting and GoPro cameras. This helmet also comes with an NVG mount, making it an excellent night hunting partner.


  • Padding helps secure the head
  • Chin straps help customize the fit
  • Plenty of Velcro pads to fit glory patches
  • Rails allow the attachment of extra accessories
  • Goggles fit nicely without leaving holes for the BB pellets to infiltrate
  • NVG mount feels secure; may fit a full airsoft mask
  • Comes with easy-to-understand instructions


  • The retention system can carry a limited weight

4. Modern Warrior Tactical M88 ABS Tactical Helmet


With a design that hugs the ears and sides of the head, the Modern Warrior M88 is the ideal headgear for both kids and adults, offering better protection than before. Also, it has a military-grade camouflage cover that decreases brightness in rainy conditions and muffles the sound of leaves brushing against the helmet when hunting.

The ear-covering design of the Modern Warrior M88 helmet gives it superior head protection. In addition, it shields your head’s sides from impacts during long airsoft combat. The strap is also completely adjustable, allowing the helmet to fit and be worn on children’s heads as well.


  • A fairly low price
  • The Camo cover can fit any helmet 
  • Covers the ears and sides of the head for maximum protection
  • Can fit goggles and comms equipment
  • Sturdy, lightweight, and adjustable to fit any head size


  • Lacks padding underneath the helmet

5. Jadedragon MICH 2000 Style ACH Tactical Helmet


With coverage of all key regions, the Jadedragon MICH 2000 is the ideal tactical helmet for survival games. The mask and goggles are its greatest features. The mask is well-made and provides adequate ear protection. Moreover, the glasses boast a 500 fps close-range shooting speed.

Like many other helmets, the Jadedragon MICH 2000 includes extensive padding inside and adjustable straps, making it incredibly comfortable to wear. The ABS plastic casing feels strong enough to resist impacts from BB airsoft weapons.


  • Includes a face mask 
  • Goggles fit securely 
  • Glasses can do a 500fps shot at a close distance
  • Has adjustable straps and interior padding
  • ABS shell is sturdy to take blows from BB pellets
  • Can fit accessories on different attachment points and patches on Velcro spots


  • Needs to adjust the mask each game

6. Outry Tactical Helmet


This variant of the tactical helmet comes with an NVG stand and side rails for carrying extra supplies needed for a mission’s success. It is perfect for outdoor sports like airsoft.

This helmet is well-built, especially the ABS/nylon combination and NVG mount. The additional cushioning makes it feel pleasant to use as well. The straps also enable you to pull steadily for secure use. Your GoPro will most surely be safe in the NVG holder. More significantly, you may mount other devices, such as a bright flashlight that will allow me to see in the dark, to the side rails.


  • Fits more comfortably with the padding that conforms to any head shape
  • Straps are sturdy to endure constant tugging
  • Looks cool when used as headgear for airsoft games
  • NVG mount is durable to keep the GoPro secure
  • Side rails can fit useful accessories, like flashlights


  • Does not come with proper instructions

7. LOOGU Airsoft Helmet


The LOOGU Airsoft Helmet is ideal for both airsoft games and other outdoor pursuits like climbing and hunting. It also accommodates name badges, IFFs, and action cams.

LOOGU’s ABS shell is reasonably resistant to the force of BB rounds and tree branches. The adjustable straps allow for a great fit for toddlers using this helmet as well. In addition to the changes that may be made, this helmet’s 1 lb weight and lightweight design make it easy to wear around your neck. A cotton mask that is long enough to cover the entire neck and fastens with a chin strap is included with this hat.


  • Can fit GoPros, name tags, and IFFs
  • ABS shell feels durable
  • Adjustable straps can help fit the helmet to kids
  • Lightweight (1 lb) to use for long hours
  • Comes with a mask to cover the face and neck


  • The chin strap seems to be a little flimsy

8. ActionUnion Tactical Airsoft Paintball Fast Helmet


ActionUnion is another excellent outdoor activity partner, including paintball and hunting. You have additional customizing options with this fast helmet’s various Velcro sponges and convertible attachments. It is ideal for people with big heads.

ActionUnion has a strong structure that will last for a long time. When used for airsoft games, even BB rounds bounced off the helmet. Moreover, a fabric made of mesh-like material is included with this helmet to assure both form and function. The cloth cover helps to reduce vibration and shock, making it perfect for airsoft and outdoor hunting. Also, there are side rails for tactical gear and spaces for personalized Velcro patches.


  • Includes a lot of conversion accessories and pads
  • Can fit a large head and an HK Army KLR Mask
  • Straps allow the adjustment of pads and the mask
  • Comes with a cloth cover to absorb vibration and shock
  • Offers room for Velcro patches and tactical gear


  • Comes in a large size

9. Lancer Tactical Industrial Maritime Helmet


The Lancer Tactical Helmet is a must-have if you are seeking an impact helmet that is not ballistic. It is so robust that it can withstand any blow while participating in extreme sports like paintball. Due to the on-the-go adjustable suspension, this helmet also comfortably fits the user’s head.

When wearing this helmet, you may add additional items like lights, goggles, and earplugs underneath. Moreover, the ABS material used in the construction of the helmet gives it a more sturdy feel. The cushioning is also somewhat firmer to better suit the wearer’s head. Moreover, metal is used for the NVG mount rather than thin plastic.


  • Adjustable suspension system 
  • Can take plenty of accessories 
  • Includes Velcro patches that are easy to attach
  • Durable with ABS plastic and metal NVG mounts
  • The padding feels firm to provide a snug fit
  • Looks cool and stays steady on the head while moving


  • The sizing is a little inaccurate

10. ATAIRSOFT Adjustable Maritime Helmet


The ATAIRSOFT is among the most durable and comfortable tactical helmets available. Even when worn for extended periods, the Halo system helps to support the head firmly without giving the user any problems. Moreover, the cushioning that is given is excellent.

The ATAIRSOFT helmet has chin straps and an adjustable knob for a comfortable fit. A multi-tool wallet and free fixes are also included. Also, this helmet is not too heavy. The ABS shell seems especially strong and resilient, ready to survive any drops and bumps during the expedition.


  • Has Halo system and padding 
  • Might leave plenty of room even when routed with a comms wire
  • Includes a wallet tool and free patches that stick well on the helmet
  • Chin straps wrap nicely, lightweight
  • The ABS shell seems sturdy against impact


  • Size might not fit large heads


Are Tactical Helmets Bulletproof?

Only ballistics can entirely stop a bullet, but they are bulletproof. Just the head can be protected by these helmets against hazards including gunshots, shrapnel, blunt force trauma, and more.

What Helmets are used by the US army?

The best combat helmet in the world, the ACH, is used by the US Army. These helmets provide comfort, stability, impact, and ballistic protection without impairing the soldier’s hearing or vision. Its superior pad suspension and retention mechanisms make them stand out.

What stores sell tactical helmets?

These tactical helmets are available for purchase online, such as on Amazon or the company’s website. On eBay, other people also post some fantastic offers. Moreover, these helmets are offered at nearby tactical or military supply stores.

If you are not in the military, is a ballistic helmet worth it?

If you are not in the military, there are still plenty of reasons to wear a ballistic helmet. Comparing headbands and skull caps to helmets, which are also the best platform for attaching night vision, impact helmets are also safer and less expensive. The decision as to whether ballistics protection is worthwhile will ultimately be made by you.

Can helmets stop rifle rounds?

Tactical helmets, a form of protective headgear, are designed with the intention to shield the wearer from a multitude of different types of blows and attacks. From ballistic threats to blunt-force impacts, the tactical helmet acts as a defense mechanism against various types of danger. However, the question remains, can these helmets adequately halt rifle rounds? The answer is not a simple one, as multiple factors come into play, including the helmet’s composition, as well as the caliber and velocity of the round.

Generally speaking, most tactical helmets are engineered to resist pistol rounds, such as 9mm or .45 ACP, but the higher caliber rifles rounds, such as 5.56mm or 7.62mm NATO, may not be impeded. Nevertheless, for those whose professions require exceptional protection, specialized tactical helmets exist to counter such dangers. These helmets, utilized by law enforcement and military personnel, provide an unparalleled level of ballistic protection, specifically against rifle rounds. Incorporating materials such as Kevlar, ceramic, or polyethylene, these helmets are crafted to obstruct high-velocity projectiles with great efficacy.


Whether you are hunting or playing airsoft, a solid tactical helmet is essential to the success of your operation. Action cameras and lamps may be stored inside good tactical helmets. We trust the OneTigris MICH 2000 since it is portable, strong, and highly adaptable among the items on this list. If you want some more features, such as goggles and a multi-tool in a wallet, ATAIRSOFT is a suitable choice.

We hope the post will be of use to you. Visit for more current, fascinating information.

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