Top 10 Best Tactical Pen For Self Defense & EDC (2023)

For a tactical pen, “the pen is mightier than the sword” is true. You can use it to open bottles, shatter someone’s face or skull in self-defense, or break car windows to flee. The tactical pen is the perfect self-defense and survival weapon, regardless of whether you are a police officer, fireman, military, student, or stay-at-home mom. This is our list of the top tactical pens available right now, in no particular order, in case you are looking to buy one. Let’s follow “Top 10 Best Tactical Pens For Self Defense & EDC” with Thefellowsoldiers.

What are Tactical Pens?

A tactical pen (also known as a self-defense pen) can be compared to a Kubotan disguised as a pen. A metal pen with a strong tip and engraved grips are called the Tactical Pen. For better grip, metal is embossed with minute, tightly spaced friction grooves. The non-writing pen has a hard tip integrated into the tip (This is the main weapon of the tactical pen).

Tactical pens have:

  • Extremely sharp ballpoint pen for use on an attacker.
  • Blunt ends can break glass
  • Machined steel or aircraft-grade aluminum gives the pen extra weight and weaponry.
  • Some have lights, lasers, and handcuff keys.

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What to look for before buying Tactical Pens?

These are some things to think about while selecting a tactical pen.

Material and Construction

Often, titanium, stainless steel, or aluminum are used to make military and tactical pens. These materials are both dependable and manageably light. As a result, it is simple to obtain a tactical pen that is both small and durable.

For optimal pen control even when perspiring, use a non-slip grip (grained surface, diamond pattern, or groove). The tip of the glass-breaking tool must be robust and hard enough to shatter the glass with a single hit. Tungsten carbide and steel are the ideal materials for this task. You also need clips that will not bend or, even worse, shatter.


The mechanism, which might be a screw cap, push button, or even a bolted action tactical pen, determines the type of pen.

  • The push-button mechanism may cover the head, making it fairly safe. The absence of any screws makes this pen simple to operate and satisfying to click repeatedly.
  • Screw caps are the most secure because they prevent the cap from coming off or disappearing when the pen is in use. The cap needs to be removed to use the tip continually, which is the sole negative.
  • The Bolt Action Pen clicks into place with ease and is incredibly dependable.


Most tactical pens have a useful point for writing, thus they include pressurized ink cartridges so you can write above and in all kinds of weird places. A pen that will not leak or spill ink is the best kind of tactical pen. Or on damp paper, it will write without any smudging. More crucially, a variety of brands, including Rite in the Rain, Fisher Space, and Parker, can be used in place of the ink.

Style and Features

You should select a tactical pen that complements your way of life among the many different styles available. The best self-defense tactical pen includes a glass-breaking point for shattering glass and skulls. Hence, pick a tactical pen that includes writing implements and weapons for self-defense.

If you intend to use the tactical pen in the bush, you should also search for additions like an LED or torch. You can survive in isolated regions if you have a tactical pen with a screwdriver and a bottle opener.

Top 10 Best Tactical Pen For Self Defense & EDC

1. TF Takeflight Tactical Pen


The TF Takeflight Tactical Pen is a tactical pen featuring a bottle opener, screwdriver, and flashlight that is ideal for EDC and survival purposes. Its flashlight has adequate brightness to temporarily blind an assailant. You also receive a box with an extra battery when you buy this light, which you may use if the primary battery runs out. The glass-breaking tip is the most remarkable feature since it is a robust component rather than simply a single machined point. The aircraft-grade aluminum also has a solid, yet lightweight, feel.

The Takeflight is a dependable pen for the task because it writes as smoothly as a pen and comes with two extra ink cartridges. It is also a strong tactical pen overall because of its adaptability.


  • Built with many features for versatile use
  • Has a bright LED flashlight with a spare battery
  • Designed with a sturdy glass breaker tip
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum body feels durable and lightweight
  • Comes with multi-tools
  • Writes beautifully with additional two ink refills


  • A bit of a hassle to expose the pen tip

2. Smith & Wesson SWPENMP2BK Tactical Pen


SWPENMP2BK Tactical Pen features every feature a self-defense pen should have. It has a fantastic appearance, feels well in the hand, and is tough. This makes it a perfect pen for both regular use and outdoor activities.

SWPENMP2BK Tactical Pen is extremely durable since it is comprised of T6061 aviation aluminum. The pocket clip itself is also robust. No matter how busy you are, it always stays in your pocket since it is so robust. Moreover, the screw cap makes the pen almost waterproof. If required, the end may crack the skull since it is so sharp. This is the ideal weight and size for effective striking leverage.


  • Has a solid construction of T6061 Aircraft Aluminum
  • Built with a self-defense end
  • A strong pocket clip sits the pen low in the pocket and won’t fall off
  • Waterproof and ensures the cap won’t lose
  • Writes smoothly and grips well with the Kubotan-like grooves


  • Needs to be unscrewed just to use it

3. Hoffman Richter Stinger Tactical Pen


For regular use, the Hoffman Richter Stinger is a fantastic tactical pen. It has strong writing skills and may serve as a useful self-defense tool.

The Stinger resists wear and rust because of its high-quality aluminum construction and titanium coating. With screw thumb pads, you have effective hitting leverage. You can better grasp the pen whether writing or using it as a self-defense tool thanks to the fine grooves on the pen body. Hoffman Richter Stinger serves as a trustworthy writing instrument as well. It writes much better than our professional pens, elegantly and without any leaks. It’s fantastic since a black pen casing is included for instant use, and a Schmidt refill tube can be used in its place.


  • Has a beveled glass-breaking tip 
  • Well-made from high-quality aluminum and titanium coating
  • Has a good amount of heft for more impact
  • Screw-on thumb pad offers nice leverage for striking
  • Easy to grip with the grooves and carry
  • Writes beautifully; includes a free ink cartridge


  • Threads on the pen can be bent easily

4. The Atomic Bear Rebel Tactical Pen


Due to its ability to go through stringent airport security or go unobserved by the culprit, the Atomic Bear Rebel is a fantastic self-defense weapon. If you use it to attack someone, they will not realize it is a self-defense pistol because the brand’s emblem is not on the clip.

Because it is built of rust-free, military-grade aluminum, Atomic Bear Rebel is highly durable. As it is 5.7 inches long and 1.2 ounces light, carrying it is made simpler. You may start using it straight away because it comes with two ink refills. As it can refill a variety of inks, like Rite in the Rain and Parker, it’s also simple to get a replacement when you run out of ink.


  • Unnoticeable 
  • Made of rust-resistant aluminum body and solid pocket clip for deep carry
  • Built with a strong tungsten tip for breaking glass
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comes with two ink refills and a lifetime warranty


  • A bit slippery without the grooves

5. 2 Pack Military Tactical Pen


A diptych of military tactical pens, colloquially referred to as a “2 pack,” connotes a pair of writing instruments that have been designed for employment in tactical environments. Inherently, these pens are forged from durable, enduring materials such as aircraft-grade aluminum and are purposed to be robust and dependable in the face of arduous, exigent conditions. One might expect that these implements contain a pointed end that doubles as a glass breaker or an instrument of self-preservation and could potentially be augmented with a built-in flashlight or other multi-functional accessories.

As expected, these pens are frequently wielded by an array of specialized professionals such as law enforcement agents, military personnel, and other persons who necessitate a reliable writing tool that is also versatile enough to be used as an instrument of self-defense in critical moments. Additionally, they are highly sought after by nature enthusiasts, backpackers, and campers who may require an optimal writing implement to use when making field markings or documenting their experiences.


  • Includes six ink refills
  • Good price
  • Heavy-duty hollow clip 
  • Glass breaking tip is always available and ready to attack


  • May not pass strict security checkpoints

6. The Atomic Bear Defender Pen


The Atomic Bear Defender Pen is a versatile and multifaceted tool that has been engineered to serve a dual purpose – both as a writing instrument and as a potent self-defense device. This pen is not merely a flimsy writing tool, but rather a robust and durable self-defense tool that is constructed using high-quality aluminum, making it an ideal companion for those who demand reliability and toughness from their everyday carry items.

The Atomic Bear Defender Pen boasts a sharp and pointed tip that can deliver a painful strike to any potential attacker, enabling you to protect yourself in the face of danger. Moreover, this self-defense tool is equipped with a formidable glass breaker, located at the opposite end of the pen, which can be used to smash through car windows or other glass surfaces in the event of an emergency situation.


  • Has two tactical pens and six ink refills
  • The glass-breaking tip can break glass and skulls
  • Easy to expose the ink tip with a simple twist; writes well
  • The ink tip does not dry out fast; easy to carry with the secure pocket clip


  • Exposed window-breaking tips might leave clothing with holes.

7. CRKT Williams Tactical Pen


A writing instrument and a superb self-defense tool in one, the CRKT Williams. Because it is built of extremely corrosion-resistant 6061 aluminum, it has a sturdy overall construction. Most significantly, the glass’s breaking point is powerful enough to shatter the glass or deeply pierce a human.

Another plus for CRKT Williams is its grainy, non-reflective blast finish. On anodized metal, this rough layer is non-slip, so it will provide you with a strong grip even when your hands are sweaty. Also, the pen seems inconspicuous because of its sleek form, which makes it simple to pass through airport security. To help you take notes more quickly, this pen also includes a Fisher Space pen refill.


  • Made of sturdy, corrosion-resistant 6061 aluminum
  • Has a non-reflective bead blast and non-slip textured finish
  • Comes with a hard nylon case for safe storage
  • Already outfitted with Fisher Space ink cartridge


  • The pointed pocket clip can snag on clothes

8. Schrade SCPENBK Screw-Off Tactical Pen


A fantastic self-defense pen that is discrete without appearing overly tactical is the Schrade SCPENBK Screw-Off. It is considerably simpler to handle in the hand because it is only approximately 5.7 inches long. The pen’s body is CNC-machined from 6061 T6 aluminum. The point is also razor-sharp enough to stab someone and break a window without drawing blood. This function is ideal for individuals who dislike brutal fights. The ink cartridge doesn’t move either, which adds to the feeling of solidity—especially when you slip a Fisher Space Pen inside.


  • Looks discreet and easy to hold 
  • Feels solid with its CNC-machined 6061 T6 Aluminum construction
  • Has a non-lethal glass-breaking tip to jab someone or smash windows
  • Lightweight
  • Writes wonderfully
  • Ink refill will not move around


  • Feels a little sharp on the grip portion

9. Gerber Gear 31-00188ON Impromptu Tactical Pen


When danger threatens, the Gerber Gear 31-00188ON is a stealthy self-defense weapon. When required, the inbuilt glass-breaking point may potentially destroy faces in addition to smashing automobile windows. The strong, tempered steel used to make the glass-breaking knife can easily smash anything.

A series of incisions are used on the steel-barreled Gerber Gear 31-00188ON to improve grip. Rite in the Rain conventional ink cartridges, which function in all conditions—including rain—are also compatible with this pen. Also, the sturdy stainless steel pocket clip on this military pen makes it simple to tuck it into your pocket.


  • Built with an effective glass breaker tip
  • Constructed from bomb-proof American steel with Cerakote coating
  • Fits and grips well 
  • The push-button mechanism feels satisfying and easy to use
  • Heavy-duty pocket clip easily slips for storage


  • A bit pricey

10. The Atomic Bear SWAT Tactical Pen


An all-in-one glass breaker and pen, Atomic Bear SWAT. As a result, it has a lifetime warranty and solid construction that will last. The body made of aircraft-grade aluminum ought to feel sturdy. The tungsten glass cutter tip is sufficient enough to harm an unwary attacker. This tactical pen is therefore useful in a variety of unforeseen circumstances. The 300D nylon pouch that is included with the pen is this pen’s most notable feature. Both the bag and the pen are quite well made, and they both include lifetime warranties and refillable ink.


  • Has a solid construction of aircraft-quality aluminum and tungsten
  • Easy to use with its cap clip mechanism
  • Offers an excellent grip and contact
  • Fits well in a reverse grip
  • Includes a 300D nylon pouch, 
  • Extra ink refill
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Consumes ink quite fast


  • How can I refill a Tactical Pen with ink?

Some producers will have their replacement parts on hand. By doing this, you can be confident that you will always get the right toner or cartridge in the right size. However, certain ink suppliers place a premium on providing replacement cartridges that are made to match some of the most often used tactical pen sizes. They specifically aim to construct or develop them with tactical qualities like the capacity to write in the rain or upside down. Refills and cartridges for Fisher’s Space Pens are frequently among the more widely used options in this category.

  • What are some common pen attachments for tactical use?

The structural area of the crow where blood and other tissues are stored is called the DNA collection. It can be used as proof of instances in which the aggressors have left the fight.

You can give priority to the bottle opener and hex key because they are both highly useful tools. Especially if you work in a technical or professional service industry.

You may make a slashing weapon by adding a dagger—a little blade—to the end of a tactical pen. While you’re out in the wilderness, it comes in incredibly helpful for tasks like cutting rope or grooming animals.

Alcohol or lighter fluid for first aid may be carried quite conveniently in the internal liquid compartment.

If you want assistance with navigating when offline, the built-in compass can also be a priority feature.

  • How crucial is a Glass Breaker tip?

Although self-defense advice and glass-breaking advice are essentially the same, the glass-breaking function is the most frequently used. The point of a tungsten steel glass-breaking knife might be the difference between life and death in a dangerous situation. For instance, you could accidentally lock yourself out of your car in severe weather or need to rescue a pet underwater.

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The greatest tactical pens are useful for self-defense in addition to being useful as writing instruments. The Atomic Bear SWAT Pen is our top pick. It has strong prose that may shatter windows and heads. Another good option is the Gerber Gear Impromptu Pen. This pen can be used in any type of bad weather because it utilizes Rite in the Rain cartridges and is almost bomb-proof.

We hope the post “Top 10 Best Tactical Pen For Self Defense & EDC” will be of use to you. Visit for more current, fascinating information.

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