Best Tactical Light for Remington 870: Review 2023 (Top 08 Choice)

When used with the Remington 870, a tactical flashlight deters your target. Yet a decent tactical light will offer more advantages than that, particularly in dimly lit areas. If you often use firearms at night, the finest combat lights for Remington 870 are listed below. The Thefellowsoldiers and you will learn fascinating stuff from the article “Best Tactical Light for Remington 870

What is Remington 870?

One of the greatest all-purpose handguns for interior defense is the Remington 870. It has a seven-bullet capacity. The Remington 870 is trustworthy and simple to operate, according to customer reports. It is also reasonably priced, making it a fantastic option for those on a limited budget.

When it comes to home defense/self-defense, choosing the right weapon tactical flashlight is an important decision. Different tactical lights could be more appropriate in certain circumstances since not all tactical lights are made equal. The top 8 tactical lights for the Remington 870 are shown below. So without further ado, here is a list to get us started:

Best Tactical Light for Remington 870

Top 08 Best Tactical Light for Remington 870

1. SureFire X300 Ultra Series LED Weapon


One of the greatest tactical flashlights on the market at the moment is the SureFire X300 Ultra Series LED. You may get all the qualities you need in this gadget, like bright light, ease of use, and durability. Furthermore, there is no need to doubt the exceptional life of this item given its sturdy aluminum construction.

The device’s light is a vivid shade of yellow, and its spectrum is tailored for human eyesight. The white LED can provide up to 600 lumens of light. The SureFire X300 also incorporates a TIR lens. Its top lens contributes to the creation of an even beam with outstanding peripheral lighting.

The SureFire X300 Ultra Series has an ergonomic design that ensures optimum user comfort and convenience. This ergonomic lamp won’t let you down, regardless of your left-handedness or whether your profession necessitates frequent switching.


  • Light optimized for the human eye.
  • Strong beam, impressive peripheral illumination power.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • High-strength aerospace aluminum body.
  • Fits T-groove mounting systems.


  • Portability is not too high.

2. Streamlight 69601 TL-Racker 1000 Lumen


The Streamlight 69601 TL-Racker is an excellent choice if you’re searching for a cheap, high-quality shotgun forend light. A 1000-lumen LED beam is included. Moreover, this flashlight incorporates a two-handed temporary/stabilized on/off switch. Extreme weather has not hindered the TL performance, Racker’s, and the battery life is excellent.

In low-light conditions, this light’s powerful 1000 lumens and ability to connect to the front of your shotgun make it ideal. As a result, the flashlight is ideal for hunters, police enforcement personnel, or just anyone who wants to be well-prepared. Due to its robust and weather-resistant anodized aluminum construction, it is also incredibly durable. You may be sure that the Streamlight 69601 will last a long time because it also has a CR123A lithium battery. Just remove the cover, take out the old battery, and put in the new one if you need to change the battery.


  • 1000 lumens
  • A high-quality forend light
  • Has a temporary/stabilized on/off switch with both hands
  • Made of tough
  • Weather-resistant


  • We have no idea

3. Streamlight 69264 TLR-1 HL 1000-Lumen


The Streamlight 69264 TLR-1 HL should be included in the list of the best tactical lights for the Remington 870; otherwise, it would be a mistake. A tactical light is now worth considering due to its advantages of being small, impact-resistant, and high brightness.

It has a steady, broad light. A 1,000 Lumen, 283-meter-long beam is produced using C4 LED technology. The material that makes up Streamlight TLR-1 HL also gives it a long lifespan because of the explosion-proof design made of sturdy aluminum with an anodized finish that is waterproof and impact-resistant.


  • Machined aircraft aluminum.
  • One-handed twist/tighten interface.
  • Impressive beam intensity.
  • Latching mechanism and pin door with lanyard.
  • IPX7 is waterproof to a depth of 1 meter.


  • The battery cover can be easily broken.

4. SureFire X300 Ultra X300U-B


As someone who has used the SureFire X300 Ultra X300U-B flashlight, I can say without hesitation that it’s one of the best flashlights I’ve ever owned. From its exceptional quality and durability to its maximum output of 1,000 lumens, this flashlight is truly top-of-the-line.

Whether I’m using it for personal safety or professional purposes, the X300U-B has never let me down. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry, and its compatibility with a wide range of firearms means that it’s always at my fingertips when I need it most.

But what really sets this flashlight apart is its powerful LED bulb, which provides a bright and crisp white light that’s perfect for illuminating even the darkest areas. And with a runtime of 1.5 hours on a single set of batteries, it’s highly reliable for extended use.

Operating the X300U-B is a breeze, thanks to its simple on/off switch that can be easily activated with one hand. And once you’ve used this flashlight, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Overall, the SureFire X300 Ultra X300U-B is a truly exceptional flashlight that’s perfect for anyone looking for quality, durability, and reliability in a compact and versatile package. Whether you’re a professional or simply someone who needs a reliable and powerful flashlight for personal use, the X300U-B is the perfect tool for the job.


  • Brightness
  • Durability
  • Ease of use
  • Compatibility
  • Long-lasting


  • Require the main switch to be turned off.
  • Battery replacement

5. Streamlight 69601 TL-Racker Light


If you want to provide your house defense qualities, you shouldn’t overlook the Streamlight 69601 TL-Racker Light. Many benefits of the product support this notion.

First, light weight and flexibility are the top advantages of the product. Plus, it delivers up to 1,000 lumens of high-powered light that combines with custom optics to create an impressively focused beam that enhances home defense options. This lighting condition also helps you aim better at night.

The Streamlight 69601 TL-Racker Light has a very straightforward yet lovely design. This Streamlight series also has ambidextrous switches, an ergonomic design, and an impact-resistant nylon body. In this manner, the Streamlight 69601 appears to be able to address all of your present issues.


  • Waterproof to IPX7 standard.
  • The switch is ambidextrous.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Versatile.
  • Well compatible with Remington 870.


  • Requires light filing on the inner edges.

6. Trinity 1000 Lumen


If you are searching for a high-quality light that is also reasonably priced, the Trinity 1000 Lumen is a fantastic option. It has three modes: high, low, and strobe, and is made of sturdy metal.

The flashlight will be significantly brighter than the majority of regular flashlights because of the high luminous flux LED inside. Trinity 1000 Lumen’s light output is demonstrated to exceed 1000 lumens, which is ideal for your needs.

The Trinity 1000 Lumen’s water-resistant aluminum casing makes it the ideal tactical light for any outdoor trip. Also, because of its wear-resistant and anti-slip covering, it may be left outside in the rain or on a countertop without suffering any harm.


  • Super high brightness 
  • Water-resistant 
  • Has aluminum body 
  • Durable 
  • Easy installation
  • Attached to Either Side of the Shotgun Tube.


  • Not rechargeable

7. Feyachi FL11-MB Tactical Flashlight 1200 Lumen


The Trinity 1000 Lumen and the Feyachi FL11-MB are both premium lamps at reasonable prices. It has three modes: high, low, and strobe, and is made of sturdy metal. You can easily use one hand to operate the Feyachi FL11-MB. You may choose the function that best meets your needs from the Constant On and Momentary Pressure Limit button switches (2 modes).

At a small portion of the cost of some other tactical lights, the Feyachi FL11-MB is a brilliant, dependable, and well-built light. To make mounting the flashlight on the Remington 870 simpler, it has an offset mount with a QD cam lock. Moreover, the aluminum body’s strength allows it to endure collisions. And after being used for months, the LEDs are still functional.


  • Blinding Brightness 
  • Durable Performance 
  • Easy to Install 
  • Has 2 types of switches 


  • Not


  • What is the best tactical light for the Remington 870?

With the Remington 870, all of the lights that we have discussed in this post are excellent. However, if forced to pick only one, we would go with the SureFire DSF-870. It is a high-quality light that is simple to use and install. Also, it can be recharged, which is a great benefit.

  • With my Remington 870, how do I attach a tactical light?

The offset mount that connects to the shotgun tube is included with the majority of tactical lights. A rail attachment that connects to the gun’s Picatinny rail is also included in some versions.

  • What is the difference between a tactical light and a regular flashlight?

The purpose of tactical lights is to be utilized when you need both hands free. Generally speaking, they are stronger and brighter than normal flashlights. Also, many of them contain functions like pressure switches and strobe settings.

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There are numerous excellent tactical flashlights available that are all brilliant, well-made, and simple to install. Check out our top 7 suggestions if you are searching for a new tactical light for your Remington 870 but are not sure which one to pick. We hope that this list has enabled you to make a more focused decision.

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